I’ve been building online experiences since 1998 – first as a web developer, and now as a user experience designer. I made the switch around 12 years ago, but still maintain a love of front end web development, and stay up to date on modern development techniques. The site you’re looking at now is a Jekyll-based static site, which I maintain using Siteleaf.

I’ve worked in UX leadership roles in a variety of environments, including agencies, startups, and video game studios. My primary design tools are Sketch and Axure RP, and I’m a huge fan of Zeplin for efficiently collaborating with developers. I’m also an expert HTML and CSS developer, and often prototype “in the browser”. In the past, I’ve worked with Photoshop, Balsamiq, OmniGraffle, and InDesign.

I also have deep user research experience. I’ve organized and led many user studies, including in-person and remote user testing sessions, as well as on-site ethnographic research.

In addition to my UX skills, I’ve studied agile extensively, and have received both Certified Scrum Product Owner and Professional Scrum Product Owner certifications. I’ve served as a Scrum product owner in the past and also use my agile knowledge to collaborate effectively with product owners and Scrum teams.

My resumé is available in PDF and Word format.

Below is a selection – in reverse chronological order – of some career highlights, demonstrating my diverse range of skills and experiences.

FeedbackNow 2.0

Forrester Research — 2018-2019

I was Principal UX Designer for both the end user and administrative/reporting experiences for FeedbackNow 2.0, Forrester’s next-generation real-time customer experience platform. I advised on all aspects of the product’s design – from overall design strategy to high fidelity visual design – from the product’s conception throught its first commercial release.

Forrester Insights — Android and Cross-Platform App Design

Forrester Research — 2015-2018

When tasked with bringing our Forrester Insights app to Android, I took a fresh look at the UI and rebuilt the design from the ground up, heavily influenced by Google’s Material Design system. The result was a streamlined, visually engaging app which was met with praise from clients. I later adapted this design into a universal React Native app for both Android and iOS, merging functionality from both of our existing apps ‐ and adding additional features – while still maintaining a streamlined, engaging interface. This app is now available from the App Store and Google Play.

Forrester Insights — Native iOS App Design

Forrester Research — 2014-2016

Working in concert with an external agency and our internal visual design team, I helped design Forrester’s first mobile app, exclusively available for iOS. Later, I led the design efforts to evolve this app into an iOS universal app for both iPhone and iPad. This involved creative use of iPad design conventions like split views and switchable list and grid views.

Forrester.com — Responsive Site Redesign

Forrester Research — 2014-2015

Forrester needed to modernize their own site in the way they recommend to clients – making it easy to use regardless of device, in what Forrester dubs “Mobile Moments.” I partnered with responsive design thought leaders Filament Group to create beautiful, fluid layouts which presented content in a format highly optimized for easy use in any context.

Website Feature Design

Forrester Research — 2014-2015

In addition to collaborating with executive leadership and development teams on continual small design improvements, I led several major feature initiatives on Forrester.com – most notably streaming webinar functionality, an extensible “Report Actions” menu system, an “Alerts and Interests” management UI, and an overhaul of our “Reading List” functionality and UI.

Simmons.com — Major Web Site Redesign

Boston Interactive — 2013-2014

Simmons College came to Boston Interactive (now Boston Digital) with a very ambitious goal in mind: a complete bottom-up relaunch of their web presence, intended to present a whole new attitude and personality, as well as to reflect major structural changes to the schools within the college. I was the sole UX designer, working in close contact with literally dozens of stakeholders over several months, to develop a new site map and wireframes for a site of hundreds of pages.


  • 19% increase in enrollment
  • 40% increase in tuition & fee revenue
  • 27% increase in alumni engagement

View Boston Digital’s case study of this redesign.

Global 500 Site Redesign

SapientNitro for Philips Healthcare — 2013

I was hired by SapientNitro to perform the UX design for a major redesign of Philips Healthcare. The new site would feature a modern, sleek, design comprised of carefully crafted modular components. Not only did I create the wireframes and sitemap, I packaged them in a sleek, high-end deliverable document presented to Philips executives.

KokoFitClub.com — Membership Site Redesign

Koko FitClub — 2011-2012

Koko FitClub’s “MyKoko” membership site was in need of major modernization. The site needed to be informative, motivational, and simple to understand. Making best use of Koko’s vast database of workout data while keeping the experience clean and stress-free was a major challenge. I handled all information architecture and UI design for the site and managed multiple internal and external partners handling graphic design and implementation in Ruby on Rails.

Koko FitClub ClubHub — SaaS Application Redesign

Koko FitClub — 2011-2012

Koko’s aging ClubHub member management system had a classic case of poorly planned growth. Features were constantly added without much thought toward the big picture. Vital parts of the site were buried under too many layers of links, and rarely used features were prominent.

I took ClubHub back to the drawing board at the sitemap and wireframe level, restructuring the user flow based on actual use cases, which included ethnographic studies with multiple club owners.

Koko Fuel — Digital Product Strategy & Design

Koko FitClub — 2012-2013

When Koko wanted to double its value proposition by adding nutrition to their exercise offerings, I collaborated with our executive team through multiple conceptual models, weekly wireframe revisions, and final online execution — serving as Product Owner, leading a contract development team. As a key team member, I was deeply involved in all areas of program development, including branding and naming of key program elements.

KokoFitClub.com Visual & Strategic Redesign

Koko FitClub — 2012

Though I don’t often personally perform production graphic design, when Koko needed their corporate site revamped quickly and on a tight budget, I personally redesigned the site in Photoshop through several revisions, then managed our contract development team through its development and deployment. As a special challenge, the site needed to serve both as a corporate website and a collection of individual franchise sites. The primary goal of the site was to drive in-club demos, so its nearly single-page design was chosen to effectively drive all visitors to the demo registration form.

Award-Winning Web Production

Harmonix Music Systems — 2009-2010

As Web Director at Harmonix, I led the designers and developers who built TheBeatlesRockBand.com — the marketing site for the groundbreaking game, The Beatles: Rock Band. Representing the first ever video game to include the likenesses and music of The Beatles, our goal was to achieve a timeless design worthy of their legacy.

TheBeatlesRockBand.com won “Best Games- Related Site in the 14th Annual Webby Awards (2010).

Cutting-Edge Web + Game Integration

Harmonix Music Systems — 2008-2011

As Web Director at Harmonix, I led two major redesigns of RockBand.com as the groundbreaking game franchise evolved through Rock Band 2, Rock Band 3, and multiple spinoff titles over a 4 year span.

RockBand.com featured never-before seen game integration technology, allowing people to challenge each other in customized competitions, render photos (and 3D replicas) of their in-game characters, and automatically export major accomplishments to Facebook.

Web Strategy Leadership

Hill Holliday — 2006-2007

At Hill Holliday, I utilized my web design, development, and strategy skills as Digital Technology Director, a critical member of the agency’s fledgling Interactive department. In a whirlwind 9 months, I played key roles in nearly a dozen major agency projects for clients like Liberty Mutual, TJX, and Museum of Fine Arts Boston.

Early Career Accomplishments

I began my career as a software engineer, having received a Computer Science BS from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Ever since making my first break into web development one year after graduation, I’ve always been primarily passionate about developing great customer-facing online experiences.

Following a year in QA as my first post-college job, I served as Cognex’s first-ever Web Specialist in 1998. Having taught myself “Classic ASP”, I singlehandedly managed all aspects of this multinational, billion-dollar corporation’s web site (including a job database and training course registration system).

After Cognex, I spent 6 years at Groove Networks, brainchild of Lotus Notes creator Ray Ozzie, who would become Bill Gates’ successor at Microsoft. There I primarily developed ColdFusion applications, first as a member of the company’s web team, then as sole web developer on their marketing team.

After Groove, I went on to ZoomInfo, where I served as a front end web developer. It was there that I began my transition from coder to UX Designer, instituting formalized UX and usability practices on the web development team.